How do Digital Pens Work

Have you often heard about the digital pen, but you don't know what it is? To enlighten you on the subject, we will explain this to you right away. The digital pen is a technological gadget that has revolutionized the way you take notes in class, at work, and at home. 

Concretely, the diagrams, letters, drawings, texts, and figures... that you have taken in your notebook, you will no longer have to type on the keyboard to put them on your computer or even scan them, because the pen digitizer is capable of digitizing writing on normal paper.

What do we mean by a digital pen?

The digital pen is frequently mistaken for other electronic contraptions like the pointer to work on connection on touch screen interfaces like IWBs Intuitive Whiteboards, and tablets or the pen scanner to read using a sensor the writings and symbols printed on paper.

The digital pen, electronic pen, or smart pen is a computer tool that looks like a classic ballpoint pen but does not work like the latter, even though it is also used for writing and uses ink. What sets it apart is its ability to interact with the screen of a computer or tablet.

It records handwriting or drawings on paper and then transmits them instantly to a computer. Simply put, the digital pen is simply a smart tool that converts everything you write or trace on normal paper into digital format. But it must be associated with a digital notebook. 

Apart from its function of writing like a traditional pen, it also has a transmitter function so gestures and movements are captured and recorded by a receiver which are then directly interpreted on the computer or tablet.

Some models include a recording device allowing them to be used as a dictaphone.

How the digital pen works

There are 2 types of digital pens: the receiver clip pen and the pen with screened paper.

The receiving clip pen

The first has a receiver called a clamp. The latter is to be placed on the upper part in the middle of the sheet. This clamp will locate and calculate the position of the pen on the sheet. After handwriting or drawing, the clamp will be connected to the computer for scanning. The connection is similar to that of a USB key. The indications are directly visible on the screen. 

The pen with screened paper

The second is a technology that works on a halftone paper with several pre-printed micro-dots programmed to spot whatever is written or drawn on the page. Invisible to the naked eye, these micro-dots serve as a matrix on the sheet and make it possible to intercept the position of the pen. 

The transmission of writings and drawings to the computer is done via a wireless transmitter or USB connector. For each of these models, there are dedicated applications to install on the computer or tablet to allow the visualization and recognition of notes.

Using the digital pen

You will find several models of digital pens, and they can be used in different ways depending on their technology. This computer tool that instantly digitizes handwriting printed on normal paper can be used to take notes and capture handwriting and outlines that you can then save, edit, and export to your computer. They are therefore transferred in real time to the screen for modification.

Also, the digital pen can be used as a mouse. In the teaching sector, it is used to correct exercises. The teacher will no longer have to go to the board to correct. But for this use, the pen must be associated with an IWB connected to a projection device.

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