Latest Technology News and Updates to Keep You Up to Date


Latest Technology News and Updates to Keep You Up to Date

Whether you’re a tech-savvy smartphone user looking for the latest and greatest in mobile technology, or a computer enthusiast looking for the most up-to-date news about technology in general, you’ll find top notch coverage here at Mobile Nations. We track breaking technology news from all over the world to keep you informed and up to date with the latest happenings in this field. Check back often as we post new articles daily about everything from smartphones to wearable tech and more. If you know of any other great tech sites that should be included in this list, feel free to let us know in the comments section below!


1. Mashable: The Internet’s New secular News Source

This tech news site, which bills itself as “the Internet’s secular news source,” is loved by both tech-savvy smartphone users and computer enthusiasts. Mashable bills itself as “a place for everything, everything and anything tech.” It covers breaking tech news, reviews products and holds regular events in various cities around the world. It’s a great resource for up-to-date tech news and reviews.


2. CNet: The Internet’s Premier Technology Consumer Guide

Computer enthusiasts, this is the place to go for the most in-depth coverage of tech news. CNet is known for its editorial integrity, so you can be sure to find only the best and most up-to-date reviews of the latest tech gadgets and news. The site includes product recommendations and reviews, as well as a blog with news and product feature articles.


3. Tech Insider: Everything About Tech You Need to Know

This is the number one spot on our list for tech news sites. Tech Insider is owned by Vox Media and covers a wide range of topics related to technology. You’ll find reviews and product recommendations, as well as news and updates about current tech happenings.


4. Engadget: DIY Gadgets, Gaming and Home Security

Engadget is constantly inventing new ways to help you stay connected and informed. The site’s section on home security is one of the most in-depth on the web, and its coverage of home automation is phenomenal. You’ll find reviews and product recommendations, as well as news and updates about current tech happenings.


5. SlashGear: All the best gadget reviews from a single source

This is a real-time, online review site for consumer electronics and gadgets. It’s not a news site per se, but it does provide lots of Great Deals and Best Buys on products and services. You can also find in-depth reviews and recommendations on smartphones and other devices, as well as computer hardware and software.


6. Lifehacker: All the tech you need to know, every day

This site is all about everyday tech news, reviews, and how-tos. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking for up-to-date tech news, reviews, and how-to guides. You can also find lifestyle, beauty and fashion, and food and drink reviews on the site.


7. TheNextWeb: Everything about tech you need to know

This is a lot like the other tech news sites on this list, but it’s focused on the future. It reports on tech trends and innovations that will shape the future of tech, and it does so based on what research and analysis it believes to be true. The site also provides forums for discussions and product comparisons. It’s a great place to go for tech news and product reviews.


8. Gizmodo: The Best Technology Articles of All Time

Gizmodo is a highly-read technology site that frequently publishes industry-changing news. It’s mostly known for its Weird and Wonderful articles, but you’ll also find some insightful technology criticism here. The site also has a great community and lots of good deals and reviews.


9. Apple blogs: The last word in tech news

Apple doesn’t exactly break news, but it does cover tech news like no other company can. The manufacturer often posts updates and reviews about the latest tech gadgets and news, and it also holds occasional events to show off new products. It’s a great source for tech news and product reviews.


10. Android Community forums - The Future of Tech Discussion

This is a forum for all things Android. It’s not exactly a news site, but it does feature regular discussions about the latest and greatest gadgets, software, and services. It’s a great place to go for tech news and product reviews. That’s it! We’ve cataloged the best tech news sites on the internet. Next, we’ll take a look at how these websites cover current events.

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